Code of Conduct of Loughmore N.S. 

My Code of Conduct

1. I will be gentle. I will not hurt anyone

2. I will be kind and helpful. I will not hurt people’s feelings

3. I will be honest. I will not hide the truth.

4. I will listen. I will not interrupt.

5. I will look after property. I will not waste or damage things.

6. I will work hard. I will not waste time.

 School Safety: For my own safety and that of others-

(a) I should be careful coming to and going from school. I should wait inside the school gates for my parents/guardians to collect me and I should walk inside the yellow line outside the school gate when leaving the school premises.

(b) I should always walk, not run, while in the school building.

(c) I should let adults pass in the corridors.

(d) I should remain seated in class and while eating lunch unless with permission.

(e) I should be well-behaved as I arrive into the school yard, before entering the school building at 9.20am.

(f) I should always show respect for my fellow pupils when out in the school yard.

(g) I will walk quietly and in an orderly fashion in my line to and from the yard.

(h) I will be fair. I will not tell silly tales.

(i) I will use the toilet properly and wash my hands.

(j) I must bring a note of explanation following absence or if I am late for school.

(k) I should never leave the school grounds without the knowledge and permission of the principal/class teacher.

(l) I am not permitted on the school grounds outside of school hours. I am aware that this is trespassing.

Caring for Myself:

(a) I should respect myself and my property, always keeping myself, my schoolbag, books and copies in good order.

(b) I should always be in school on time.

(c) I should show respect for my school and be proud to wear our school uniform every day. I should bring a change of clothes for training/games on the field.

(d) I should always be aware of my personal cleanliness. Make-up is not permitted.

(e) I should always bring a sensible, nutritional lunch to school and adhere to the school’s Healthy E   ating policy.

(f) I should always do my best in school by listening carefully, working as hard as I can and by completing my homework.

(g) I will tell my teacher and/or parents if I am having any problems in school.

 Caring for Others:

(a) I should be kind and respectful to my teachers and fellow pupils by being

mannerly and polite, by taking turns and by remaining silent and orderly in my

class line.

(b) I should behave well in class so that my fellow pupils and I can learn.

(c) I should always keep my school clean by bringing home unfinished food, drinks, cartons, wrappers etc.

(d) I should show respect for the property of my fellow pupils, the school building

and grounds

(e) I should be truthful and honest at all times.

(g) I should step aside and allow others to pass when in the halls/corridors.

(h) I will use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in my interactions with others.


I should never bully others, I should never allow others to bully me and if it happens I should tell my parents and my teacher. I will remember the anti-bullying code – Say No, Get Away, Tell Someone!

 Bullying is always unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any form in Loughmore N.S.

 Loughmore N.S. is a Bully-Free zone.

I, ________________________________ have read this Code of Conduct and agree to always behave according to the code.

Signed: __________________________________ (student)

   ______________________________________ (parent/guardian)