Loughmore NS Green School Ceremony

Loughmore NS was awarded its first Green Flag by An Tasice in May and held a ceremony in June to raise their flag. This ceremony was attended by pupils, staff, parents, parishioners and special guests. It was a very proud day for the entire school community who have worked tirelessly and collaboratively on the theme of Litter and Waste in the last eighteen months to achieve this accolade. The Green School Committee, which is comprised of pupil representatives from all classes, school staff (teachers, cleaner, caretakers), and community representatives, steered the school meticulously and enthusiastically through a Seven Step Programme. Targets such as reducing waste in the school by 50% in 6 months were achieved through vigilance and cooperation between all partners in education here and we were very proud and pleased to receive recognition for this work in the form of our first ever Green Flag.  Our newly formed school band, under the direction of teacher Nina Scott, played music for the occasion, and the children sang songs and raps they had written especially. Former Principals Stephen Maher and Peggy Gleeson were invited to plant two trees for posterity and to mark their career and legacy in the school. Councillor Jim Ryan, who had spoken previously to a school assembly on the theme of recycling, was a guest speaker at our ceremony. Our Parish Priest and Chairman of our very hardworking BOM, Fr. Corbett, congratulated the pupils, staff and parents on this great achievement, and also paid homage to our very proactive and supportive Parent Association.  Seanie Gleeson, a pillar of Loughmore Community, was given the honour of raising the Green Flag with fellow parishioner Joe Brennan, in recognition and appreciation of the huge contribution they have made and continue to make to the school on a voluntary basis. Without such philanthropy and generosity we would be lost. Mary Fogarty of the Cottage made and donated a spectacular Green Flag Cake for the occasion and parents and staff donated confectionery for the ceremony. Graham Cullen of CM Signs made and donated a sign displaying our Green School Motto – ‘A Cleaner Today – A Greener Tomorrow!’. The sun was shining brightly as the flag was raised and now flies proudly in front of our school as a testament to the dedication of our school to environmental issues and community collaboration and pride. An afternoon of refreshments and fun activities followed. We look forward to starting work on our next Green School Theme – Energy, in September when we return to school. Thanks to all concerned for your assistance and support. Ní neart go cur le cheile!