Green Schools Action Plan – Litter & Waste

Loughmore NS, Co. Tipperary.

Target: To keep our school litter free. To keep our   classrooms clean. To reduce the amount of waste/recycling in the school by   50% over six months.


Person/Group Responsible

Time Frame


To conduct   an audit of the school and investigate the sources of and types of waste in   our bins. Green   Schools Committee   1 Week End of   January
Educate   our pupils about litter & waste through cross curricular approaches. Class Teachers 


ongoing ongoing
Display   anti-litter and waste management posters in all rooms. Green   Schools Committee 1 Week End of   January
Litter   & Waste poster and slogan competition. Whole   School 1 Month End of   February
Health   & Safety issues to be addressed. Gloves to be purchased for bin wardens   and litter pickers to be sourced also. Principal 3 Weeks February   midterm
Practical   reduction and management of waste paper, eg. shredding excess paper and   bagging it to provide bedding for pets/animals. Scrap paper boxes in each   room. Use both sides of sheets for photocopying. Bring home lunch packaging.   Reuse water/drinks plastic bottles. Wash out and squash milk cartons/drinks   cartons before putting them in the bin, etc. Whole   school.Green   Schools Committee.




ongoing ongoing
Communication   of Green Schools Information via school website, Green Schools Newsletter,   Green Schools notice board, and whole school assemblies. Green   Schools Committee.Teachers


ongoing ongoing
Day of   Action – liaise with Tidy Towns Committee regarding The Annual Clean Up. Green   Schools CommitteePrincipal By April   2012 April 2012
Encourage   community spirit & pride in school & parish. Series of talks to be   given to the pupils by guest speakers, including Fr. Dooley on the history of   Loughmore, and Seanie Gleeson on the work of the Tidy Towns Committee. Green   Schools CommitteeGuest   Speakers



ongoing ongoing