On Wednesday 23rd of May Caitriona and Tess from the Legion of Mary came to visit the children in the school. Caitriona spoke to the children about loving God and  particularly about having respect in the Church and reminded them of a few ways to do so;

*genuflecting when entering the pews,
*not speaking in the Church unless to God,
*fasting an hour before receiving Holy Communion,
*never taking the Lord’s name in vain.
The children listened attentively and were delighted to receive miraculous medals and a prayer card each. The children in Junior and Senior Infants then sang “Ave Maria”, the hymn which they had learned during May in honour of Mary. The school are very grateful to Caitriona and Tess for taking the time to come speak to the children and staff and for the beautiful medals and prayer cards.  
More information about the Legion of mary can be viewed at www.legionofmary.ie