Parents required to join in/assist at the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday. We will meet at Abbey Furniture, Templemore, at 12pm on Saturday where teachers will organise the children into their parade format.  Parents/siblings are welcome to join with the school children for the parade. Costume is optional – no pressure! Our theme is ‘Loughmore Olympics 2012’. A fun take on the Olympics – Loughmore style! Please collect your child immediately after the parade at our designated meeting point, ie. just up past AutoFactor (past Fitzpatrick’s shop). Please inform a teacher that you are taking your child away. Thank You. See you there!!!

Parents on Parade!

Thank you to all parents and the Parents Association for all your help and support for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It was truly a team effort! Thank you for joining in with us, for carrying banners and other items, for preparing your children so well,  for your enthusiasm and for the drinks and treats for the children after the Parade. It is greatly appreciated!

Angela Dunne.