Loughmore National School Notice


Dear Parents/Guardians,


            A meeting was held between Michael Smith Jnr, an engineer from North Tipperary County Council, the Principal, Chairperson of the BOM and a number of parent and community representatives on Monday morning. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss traffic calming measures outside the school.

            The need for traffic calming measures has been a concern of the Board of Management for some time. The county council are prepared to monitor this situation closely in the coming weeks with a view to erecting flashing amber lights and road signs at both ends of the school road in the near future. The engineer explained that these are the most effective and feasible traffic calming measures available to the school.

            The County Council are aware that the parents/guardians and children of Loughmore NS are very mindful of road safety, however they have asked that certain measures be taken by parents/guardians to minimise the risk of any accidents outside the school. Parents/guardians are asked to park on the school side of the road only in future and not on the opposite side (church side) of the road. This applies at both morning and evening times. The main idea here is that children will not be at risk by crossing the road to their parent’s/guardian’s car at any stage. It will also make for less congestion at these times. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to not take up parking spaces for a prolonged period of time, to ensure a flow of traffic/fair access for all parents/guardians.

  Parents/guardians are asked to ensure that their children arrive onto the school premises safely in the morning. Pupils will continue to be supervised at the gate each evening as they are dismissed from school. They will be reminded to walk behind the yellow line until they reach their parent’s/guardian’s car.

We ask that all parents/guardians please adhere strictly to these new regulations regarding parking outside of the school, in the best interests and safety of all.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, or seek clarification on anything please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 Kind Regards,

Angela Dunne – Principal                               Fr. Corbett – Chairperson BOM