www.npc.iefor information on Parents Association

www.tusla.ie – for information relating to child protection, welfare and school attendance

www.sess.ie – for information on special educational needs

www.ncse.ie –  for information on special educational needs

www.ncca.ie – for information on the Primary School Curriculum.

www.schooldays.ie – for general information pertaining to curriculum, etc.

www.scoilnet.ie  – for general information pertaining to curriculum, etc.

www.citizensinformation.iegeneral information regarding your rights, entitlements, etc.

www.specialneedsparents.ie – for information and support if your child has special educational needs.

www.education.ie – for information on Department of education guidelines, circulars, legislation, etc.

www.staysafe.ie – for information on the Stay Safe Programme taught in schools as part of our Child Protection Policy.

www.healthpromotion.ie – for information on health issues.

www.kidshealth.orgfor information on health issues, excellent website for explaining such matters to children.

www.iaslt.ie – (Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists) for information on speech and language difficulties, including advice on specific speech and language disorder,  developing your child’s communication skills,ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), language development and TV, etc.

www.webwise.ie – For information on your child’s safety when using the internet and screen time.

www.asiam.ie  – for information on Autism

www.middletownautism.com – for information on Autism